Need an ecommerce SEO strategy?

If you’ve been growing exclusively with paid ads so far, you’re likely leaving a lot of money (and profit!) on the table.

An ecommerce SEO kickstart strategy from me will arm you with the knowledge and detailed action plan to make meaningful progress to increase your brand’s organic search performance and increase your revenue.

Get the advice & support you need to boost your SEO by ordering your Ecommerce SEO Kickstart Strategy today.

Does this sound familar?

Then there’s no doubt that your ecommerce site could be driving more organic search traffic.

An Ecommerce SEO Kickstart Strategy from me will give you the map you need to get there.

How it works

Ecommerce SEO Kickstart Strategy Contents

My Ecommerce SEO Kickstart Strategy contains (but not limited to, spending on your specific platform or needs) the following topics: 

SEO Basics

Often there are some really quick wins that you can implement in minutes to improve your SEO. I’ll collate these and they will be first on the list for you to implement.

Technical Improvements

I’ll review the technical setup of your site, to ensure Google and other search engines can easily find their way to and around your site.

Additionally, I’ll look at the volume of pages you have compared to those driving organic traffic to find opportunities to improve the structure of your site.

Content Opportunities

One of the biggest potential opportunities when it comes to SEO is through creating dedicated content for your audience to attract them to your brand. 

I’ll dive into this and provide a detailed list of content you should be creating to attract potential customers to your store.

Link Building Tactics

Links are one of the most important SEO factors and it’s important you actively build links in an ethical way so you get results and don’t get punished.

There are many link building tactics and I’ll show you the best ones for your brand.

Prioritised Execution Plan

With a deep-dive into your site complete and written up. I’ll provide you with a prioritised attack plan to get the quickest and biggest wins for your brand.

The exact timeline will depend on your internal resources to execute. If you need further support in executing, feel free to reach out.

It's Time To Order Your Ecommerce SEO Kickstart Strategy

Total investment: £1490

I can help you grow your organic search revenue for your online store in these situations:

Do any of these scenarios fit the bill? You can hire me to help today.


Who would benefit most from your Ecommerce SEO Kickstart Strategy?
Anyone currently running an ecommerce store looking to increase their organic search revenue – particularly if you haven’t made any initial steps into SEO as a channel for your store.

After I send payment, how quickly will the process start?
I’ll send you an email with the questionnaire right away.

As soon as you fill this in and grant access to the data I need to review to create your strategy, I can get to work.

How long will it take to receive my Ecommerce SEO Kickstart Strategy?
The current turnaround time for Ecommerce SEO Kickstart Strategy is approximately 4 weeks, this can vary sometimes depending on the size and complexity of your site.

I’m using X platform, can SEO still work for my brand?
It doesn’t matter what platform you’re using, I’ve seen huge SEO success across a huge variety of ecommerce platforms including Shopify, Woocommerce, Prestashop, Magento, custom builds, etc. 

Can I share the review document with my team and others?
Of course. Once I’ve handed over your Ecommerce SEO Strategy document, you’re free to share it with whoever you like. I’ll never share any information from your review without consent.

Can I hire you to action my SEO strategy?
I’d love to oversee the execution of the plan for improving your SEO and organic search revenue depending on my availability at the time. 

The recommendations within the document will be clearly structured so you or your team should also be able to implement them.

I have a specific question about your Ecommerce SEO Kickstart Strategy, how can I get in touch?
Please send me an email with any queries you have. I’ll be happy to answer them.

About Freddie Chatt

I’ve been in the ecommerce SEO industry for almost a decade providing advice, support and execution to online stores of all sizes.

In this time I’ve been trusted to work on SEO projects for the likes of Amara, Manual, Zest Tea and LampTwist.

I’ve helped hundreds of people improve the SEO of their ecommerce brands and growth in organic search revenue as a result.

I can help you next.

Freddie really knows SEO and how to produce great engaging content. His strategy’s stand the test of time.