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A brief history...

I’m an international ecommerce SEO consultant working with companies around the world from my home office in the UK.

First discovering SEO,  working at Amara.com in 2012, learning the trade on the job. I didn’t expect things to go as well they did, but I had some amazing success, taking Amara to over £5m in annual sales from SEO alone within a few years.

During my time at Amara, I covered the entire spectrum of SEO, from technical audits, content strategy, link building as well as international SEO and migrations.

I saw the potential of SEO for ecommerce brands and noticed many sites were seemingly not even trying with organic search – especially with many DTC brands so focused on paid social.

Since then, I’ve been working with ecommerce brands of all sizes to develop their SEO strategies and adapt the core principles to their specific needs.

I’ve worked with pre-launch DTC startups who wanted to kickstart their SEO as soon as they launch to 8-figure global brands shipping to hundreds of countries around the world.

Being an effective remote worker, I’ve delivered results for clients based in the USA, Australia, throughout Europe and across the UK.

Nowadays, I’m a full-time Ecommerce SEO consultant with a variety of clients across the globe. I also share my tactics and case studies on my blog as well as on my Twitter so take a read and enjoy. Which has led to being featured on many top publications within the SEO industry.


I usually don’t endorse people, but Freddie is legit.

Brian Dean

- Backlinko

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