Hey, I’m Freddie!

I help ecommerce brands grow profitably through content & SEO.

Hire me to handle your SEO-led content marketing so you can make more PROFIT. A unique process designed to drive high volumes of relevant traffic to your store.

Alternatively, you can hire me to discover hidden profit opportunities in your online store. To make sure you focus on the best channels for your business.

freddie chatt

How I Got Here

I started my ecommerce career in 2012 at Amara.com as their #2 marketer, helping to grow the luxury homeware brand into an 8 figure store.

Since then I have helped multiple ecommerce brands of all sizes to drive more traffic, get more sales and get customers returning again and again. And have even launched my own.

From SEO and content marketing to conversion optimisation. I have tried, failed, learned and succeeded in a variety of growth tactics for online stores.

I started this site to share the lessons I have learned along the way.

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My RCP Process


You need to know your market, know your niche and most importantly, know your customer. Talk to them every day to make sure everything you do helps them.


Whatever you need to create. It needs to be the best. Otherwise, what is the point it creating it? Whether it’s your product, your website, or a new piece of content.


If you don’t let the right people know about what you’ve created then how will they know about it? Promotion is crucial to driving scalable traffic to your store.

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