270% Sales Growth SEO Case Study. US CPG Brand

About the project

This US-based CPG beverage brand has an incredible founder story which had driven a lot of its growth.

Built on Shopify, they had been trying to do SEO for around 6 months without much success but had a strong feeling there was a lot of potential for their brand.

They wanted to expand their organic search presence and get ahead of their competitors.

What I did

Quick SEO Audit

It was a small site with less than 100 pages, so a quick SEO audit found some opportunities to improve quickly including redirecting broken external links from changed product URLs, internal linking opportunities from high-value content and some on-page optimisation elements. 

There were some technical fixes to be made, including tweaking the Shopify product URL structure to allow the indexable product pages to be more easily crawled by Google. 

Clear SEO Strategy

I worked to devise a clear SEO strategy and action that would be mostly executed internally by the brand with my ongoing support. 

This covered the full spectrum of SEO including:

  • Technical improvements
  • On Page optimisations
  • Link building opportunities 
  • Content strategy

Content-Led Homepage

Competitors were ranking their homepages for some of the most highly commercial keywords for the brand. 

This brand has a very content-thin and short homepage which was holding it back, I looked to maximise the homepage potential by building out additional content sections to give more information about the product offering.

This led to all keywords ranking increasing to page 1 within a month of the change.

Content Strategy

There were a lot of potential content opportunities which came out of the initial keyword research. I prioritised based on three core factors:

  • Commercial value
  • Opportunity to rank (how likely we were to compete)
  • Traffic potential

This content not only drove traffic but also conversions and links. Adding internal links through to product and collection pages further boosted their value to the brand.

Link Building

We leant heavily into link building to get the product into the hands of relevant bloggers and influencers who run product reviews and giveaways which promote the product to suitable audiences and built links as a side effect. 

We also looked to promote the product in gift guides around the holidays for fitness and health publications which picked up numerous high authority sites including Taste of Home, Eating Well and Upworthy. 

The results

Through the targeted efforts of the SEO strategy, we managed to reach over 400% increase in organic search traffic and 270% increase in sales.

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